Beyond Workspace Trends in 2022

Beyond Workspace Trends in 2022

Last month, I wrote about the history of WeWork & IWG - the two biggest global players in the office industry.

However, times are changing at a rapid pace and many companies are looking beyond serviced offices, but still need flexibility and the options to customise their (private) office.

After all, one of the biggest priorities is to (1) drive productivity, and, (2) foster a sense of belonging (culture) in order to attract and retain talent.

The office plays a big part in both of these drivers, at least for many businesses.

Shifting priorities?

Beyond attracting employees back to the office (regardless of how frequently), and, as we work towards achieving net zero by 2030, I envision a world where businesses start to increase their priority on reducing their carbon footprint and similar initiatives.

We are not moving fast enough, judging by the imbalance of supply/demand as far as office buildings are concerned.

As things stand, employers frequently claim they are focused on environmental policies, but still prioritise revenue and other outputs. Whilst looking for new office space to rent, our clients rarely mention 'green buildings' or sustainability, despite their employees largely being made up of Generation Zs - who tend to value the environment.

How will this change? I believe 'green office buildings' will gain increased traction, in so far as demand is concerned. This is especially true as millions of square feet are nearing the end of the construction phase, which started during the pandemic. This will also force landlords of 'secondary' grade office stock to repurpose their assets, which will eventually allow for a narrower gap between supply and demand.

It will take time. We will continue to discuss these values, and also provide interim solutions to our clients, to achieve our mutual goals. (We've also got a 'fun' way for teams to reduce their carbon footprint - Contact us to find out more). 

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