Thought Leadership

Canvus celebrates first year success

Canvus is celebrating its first birthday this week having enjoyed fast-growth since it launched last year. The capital's most innovative SMEs are rapidly teaming-up with Canvus, attracted to its unique workplace offer. You can read about us here. Canvus's customer...

How to improve well-being in the workplace

Read time: 4 Minutes
How To Improve Well-being In The Workplace
We live in a fast-changing world and well-being is an important topic. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to improve well-being in the workplace, above and beyond encouraging a work life balance, such as developing HR strategies and employee perks. After all, smart employers know that organisations perform better when staff are healthy, motivated and focused.

The future of open plan offices

Read time: 4 Minutes
The Future of Open Plan Offices  
There’s been an ongoing debate about open plan offices, mostly about how bad these work environments are and how they don’t work. The earliest modern offices...

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